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During this limited time promotion, the more apples you choose to receive, the higher your discount per apple becomes. You choose which apples you’d like to receive, and we send them to you at a discounted rate.

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Pick any three of our delicious, mouth-watering gourmet caramel apples at a deep discount. You name it, we make it that day, and ship it made to order. When your apples are delivered, you’ll see what all the excitement is about. These truly are the most succulent and decadent gourmet treats of their kind.

We happily and regularly extend discounts and promotional offers like this to loyal customers and new subscribers alike. New York Apple has been specialized in Gourmet Caramel Apple creations for the last ten years, during which we’ve come up with the most innovative gourmet confections you’ll find. Our ingredients are premium, our apples are top-of-the-line (and HUGE), and we only make our apples when they’re ordered. The only thing on a shelf here at New York Apple is our next batch of outbound gourmet candy deliveries.

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