Where Did Caramel Apples Come From?

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Sometime in the 1950’s, a Kraft Foods employee discovered the Caramel Apple recipe. That man went on to take credit for one of the most storied gourmet snacks the world has known since. His name was Dan Walker, and much like William Kolb, his discovery of the caramel apple recipe came by way of fluke accident. One holiday season, Mr. Walker was playing around with caramels that were left over from Halloween sales that same year. By just melting down the caramels he had to coat some apples, the caramel apple was born. The trend caught on much more quickly than with Candy Apples; the very first caramel apple machine was developed and patented in Illinois in 1960, and the rest is history.

Gourmet Caramel Apples Delivered by New York Apple

We want to specialize in caramel apples delivered throughout the nation in the best possible way, by recognizing how the product was born, and then  by perfecting the way they’re made. We’ve recently perfected our caramel recipe, and look forward to trying new and exciting apples throughout the rest of the season with our new chewy, delicious confectionery concoctions.

Where Did Candy Apples Come From?

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Candy apples were first mentioned in the Christmas 1917 issue of the BEF Times, but they were there long before that. Back then, they called them “toffee” apples. As we know them, Red Candy Apples were first cooked up by a candy maker that was trying something new. New Jersey resident William Kolb wanted to try something new for the Christmas season of 1908. He was trying to think of things to do with a red cinnamon candy that he was selling for the holidays. The idea to dip an apple into the red candy mixture is where the very first Candy Apple as we know it came from. Mr. Kolb wasn’t even trying to sell the apple. He was only trying to promote the cinnamon flavored candy it was coated in.